Slide2The measurement hub will provide co-located state-of-the-art facilities for measuring deformation, strain, stress and damage at the material micro-scale and in large structures. A “one-stop shop” for access to all stress measurement methods including:


  • Neutrons (high flux strain scanning, microstructure, imaging, SANS, in-situ testing, large components, robotic control)
  • X-rays (synchrotrons via Diamond, lab-based & SAXS/WAXS for strain scanning, microstructure, imaging, in-situ robotic)
  • Lasers (point source electrons, X-rays, Gamma-rays, neutrons, & protons for NDE, structured light, shock peening laboratory)
  • Mechanics (touch/light topography, contour, slitting, hole drilling, Sachs, strain gauges, DIC, hardness, AFM)
  • Innovative (hybrid, multiple methods, EBSD, FIB excavation, magnetic, acoustics, Raman)
  • Harsh environments (in-situ testing at Partners’ specialist laboratories & I-SEC facilities )
  • Workshop (including world’s largest wire EDM, micro-EDM)
  • Training (face to face, hands-on, virtual & augmented reality)