traininghubThe training hub will:

  • provide support for remote experimental simulation, planning, execution, data analysis and interpretation of neutron and other measurements (including virtual e-infrastructure).
  • deliver CPD courses, badged open courses, workshops and webinars to train engineers and scientists and inspire OU degree uptake.
  • widen participation and skills development through e-infrastructure and e-learning, linking with emerging HEIs in the developing world.
  • inspire and train the next generation of engineering science neutron users and stress engineers and facilitate mobility of research staff and knowledge transfer to industry.


Education (industry, universities, schools, general public)

  • Stress Engineering (solid mechanics, physics of materials, forensic etc)
  • Physics & mechanics of measurement methods
  • Modelling, assessment & standards


Training & Support (for industry, academic users, collaborators)

  • Measurement techniques
  • Specialist equipment
  • Virtual laboratory
  • Remote experiments
  • Augmented reality
  • Data analysis/visualization
  • Document and data library
  • User community support